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My first blog

I thought I might try a blog. I do enjoy my daily walks up Glastonbury Tor. It is my happy place, my very special place where I feel content. I hope that my photographs bring joy to others as they do to me. So being as this is the first ever blog it seems only right that I should start with today's photograph. I started my walk when it was dark, nobody around. Listening to the owls was cool and waiting for dawn is always special. It was a blanket of grey cloud, no promise, I thought. Avalon always delivers magic though 💜I went home happy and ready to face the day ahead. What more can I ask for?

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David Activist
David Activist
Oct 18, 2020

On our way to Devon we stopped in Bath, the next day after seeing your posts on Instagram we walked up the Tor.. In wind and rain it was a great experience 😊


I love your photos and Glastonbury. I can understand why the Tor makes you feel the way it does.


A special shot to start your blogging journey. I live in New Zealand but my ancestors came from England - Devon & Cornwall specifically. I have never been to the UK, so visit vicariously through your posts and many others. One day I hope to walk that brick path, climb that Tor and feel the energy. Meantime, I love seeing your photos when I open the computer each morning. Like your walks, a perfect start to my day. Thank you.


Susan Dolling
Susan Dolling
Oct 17, 2020

So glad you're writing a blog! Well done. Love your photos. We thoroughly enjoy our stays at Old Oaks, so love the familiar scenes.


We have been visiting Old Oaks most years since 2000 Glastonbury is such a wonderful place. We look forward to your photos each day .

Each photo is special Michelle.

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