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Somerset Life Magazine May 2019

Somerset Life Magazine September 2019

Michelle - Magazine Photo.jpg
Somerset Life magazine Glastonbury Abbey

So happy to have my photograph win the April Facebook banner competition and then go on to be selected as the May Magazine Big Picture.

Somerset Landscape Photographs-published in Newspapers

20.01.2020 - The Sun Landscape Photograp
20.01.2020 - Times Landscape Photograph.
20.01.2020 - Daily Mail Landscape Photog
20.01.2020 - Daily Star Landscape Photog
20.01.2020 - Metro Landscape Photograph.
20.01.2020 - Telegraph Landscape Photogr
And then there was light-The Daily Star
Newspaper - The Times - 05.11.2020.png
Newspaper - Daily Express - 05.11.2020.p
Newspaper - The Sun - 05.11.2020.png
Picture in the Times 25.3.20.png
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